This is a design by Attalan Mailvaganam, developed during his MSc studies, I was involved as his supervisor

SpectroFlexia, designed by MSc student Attalan Mailvaganam, is a form of interactive stained glass that is designed to present information in the periphery of people's attention. SpectroFlexia is developed in an iterative design process which revealed a low-cost method of smoothly changing the color of light shining through translucent materials. Using this method, SpectroFlexia can display several types of digital information through the speed at which its colors change. In addition to providing peripheral information, SpectroFlexia is designed to serve a decorative function

Related publications:

Mailvaganam, A., and Bakker, S. (2013). SpectroFlexia: interactive stained glass as a flexible peripheral information display. In Proceedings of the TEI'13 Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction, pp. 287-290. Access online