Sounds Like Home

This is a design by Sebastiaan Pijnappel, developed during his MSc. I was involved as an expert

Sounds Like Home, a design by MSc student Sebastiaan Pijnappel in which I was involved as an expert, explores the use of sound in combination with a tangible interface to communicate information that increases people''s awareness of each other in the home. The result is an installation that produces a subtle, aesthetic, yet informative soundscape that tells us about the presence or absence of people in the house.

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Bakker, S., Berg, R. van den, Pijnappel, S., and Hoven, E. van den. (2010). Sounds like home: sonification and physical interaction in the periphery and center of the attention. In Proceedings of the ISon'10 Interactive Sonification Workshop, pp. 55-58. Download PDF