This is a design by Erik van Alphen, developed during his MSc graduation project at the University of Amsterdam, in collaboration with the Eindhoven University of Technology, I was involved as his supervisor

Lernanto, designed by MSc student Erik van Alphen, is an ambient display developed for secondary school classrooms, aimed at supporting teachers in challenging each student at his or her own level, i.e. differentiated instruction. Particularly in secondary schools, where teachers provide lessons to multiple different classes and thus to up to hundreds of students, it is difficult to be aware of individual levels and needs. Lernanto aims to support teachers in providing differentiated instruction by displaying real-time information from educational software about the progress of each individual student. This information is subtly presented at the back of the classroom, such that teachers can perceive it at a glance from any location in the classroom, and is intended to help teachers in identifying, at any moment during the lesson, which students might need or deserve their attention.

Related publications:

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