Force and Space

This is a design by Jelle Tuinhout, developed during his MSc graduation project in collaboration with Philips Design - Lighting, I was involved as his supervisor

'Force' and 'space' are two tangible interfaces, developed within the concept of connected lighting. Connected lighting describes a scenario in which single light-bulbs are no longer controlled through single light switches, but in which hundreds of small light sources are present in the environment, which are all connected to each other. Novel ways of interacting with these lighting environments often involve smart-phone applications, but a downside is that these do not always fit well in the user's everyday routines in the home context. 'Force' and 'space' allow users to control various lighting parameters (e.g. brightness and color) of their connected lighting systems quickly and easily. These interfaces clearly distinguish functional and ambient light and rely on the user's orientation in the room. This enables easy adjustment of lighting with minimal effort, making the interfaces appropriate for flexible everyday use.