Chronoroom Clock

This is a design by Hanna Zoon, developed during her BSc studies, I was involved as her supervisor

Our auditory perception skills enable us to selectively place one auditory channel in the center of our attention while monitoring others in the periphery. Furthermore, we are able to accurately localize sound sources. Chronoroom Clock is an auditory display that unobtrusively provides information about the current time based on the direction the audio is coming from, enabling people to monitor it in the periphery of their attention. Evaluation of a prototype version of this design indicates that the used audio may indeed shift to the periphery of the user's attention.

Related publications:

Zoon, H., Bakker, S., and Eggen, B. (2012). Chronoroom Clock: peripheral time awareness through sound localization. In Proceedings of the ICAD'12 Conference on Auditory Display. Download PDF