This is a design by Dorothé Smit, developed during her MSc studies, I was involved as her supervisor

This research was conducted in the 'tools-for-teaching' project, aimed to develop novel interaction designs to support teachers and children in class. BlurtLine aims to provide children with ADHD with a tool that could help them manage their impulsive speech in the classroom. The BlurtLine is a belt that is worn around the chest that helps the user to control their speech by sending out a small vibration whenever they are on the verge of blurting. This allows the user to autonomously decide on their behaviour in the classroom, instead of relying on (often negative) feedback from teachers or peers.

Related publications:

Smith, D. and Bakker, S. (2015). BlurtLine: A design exploration to support children with ADHD in classrooms. Accepted for publication in Proceedings of the INTERACT 2015 International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction