Attention Theory

This work was part of my PhD research at TU/e, supervised by Elise van den Hoven and Berry Eggen

My PhD thesis explored the concept of peripheral interaction: interaction with technology that can be performed in the background or 'periphery' of attention. This literature review therefore extensively studied attention theory.I gained insight in both selective and divide attention theories. For the purpose of design for peripheral interaction, I defined attention as the division of mental resources over potential activities. Furthermore, I described the center of attention as the one activity to which most resources are allocated and the periphery of attention as all remaining potential activities. A detailed theoretical understanding of human attention abilities lays a basis for design-research work in the area of peripheral interaction.

Related publications:

Bakker, S., Hoven, E. van den, and Eggen, B. (2010). Design for the Periphery. In Proceedings of the Eurohaptics 2010 Symposium on Haptic and Audio-Visual Stimuli: Enhancing Experiences and Interaction, pp. 71-80. Download PDF